About Us

Vision is to observe and understand. To perceive needs and apply solutions. Vision is to expand the scope of human knowledge based on a passionate, committed view of the future.

Optics Laboratory is a global healthcare company specializing in ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. We are experts in developing and manufacturing personal care products to maintain healthy vision and improve eye comfort. Our mission is to integrate advanced optical science with technology and develop products that promote well-being and remedy common visual disorders.

We help people see and feel better, improving their lives. Offering a complete eye care line under our Optics Laboratory® brand, we develop every product to the same high standard: We deliver value by understanding consumers’ needs and providing the best possible solutions to promote good health.

This all-inclusive approach requires a new way of looking at healthcare. At Optics Laboratory we address common ophthalmic conditions and also promote long-term vitally. Our products are developed around customers’ needs, to enhance their lifestyles and reduce the possibility of complications. We apply innovative technology in our research and development process and in manufacturing to offer purely formulated solutions in the safest and most convenient consumer packaging.

Optics Laboratory was established in 1998 and is headquartered in California, USA. Together with our affiliated worldwide operations, we have been providing medical devices and life-enhancing pharmaceuticals in a variety of delivery forms for over half a century.

Motivated by the dramatic healthcare advances we’ve seen during this time, Optics Laboratory continues to move forward with a clear vision of the future and as a leading contributor in every market we serve. It’s a way of life for us. We are committed to advanced research and development. We are constantly looking to enhance our existing product line and to break through current limitations with promising new approaches to eye care. It’s what we do. We help people preserve their sight and enjoy their lives.